“Premium Ginger Beer, Bitters, & Recipes
Delivered to Your Door for LESS...”

Free delivery

As seen in...

  • Living
  • New York Times
  • Playboy
  • Chicago Tribune

NOW -- Moscow Mule Drinkers can enjoy...

  • 33 Premium Ginger Beers Every Month a “secret concoction” formerly only available to upscale craft cocktail lounges
  • Award-winning Artisanal Bitters recommended by the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Playboy, & Martha Stewart
  • New Easy-to-Make Recipes Your Friends Will Come to Envy crafted by world class Mixologists just for you every month
  • All Conveniently Delivered FOR FREE

Forget about buying ginger beer, finding new recipes, and
searching for bitters while saving at least $200 this year … plus

“Make your all-time favorite drinks at home”

Jordan Hansen

Congratulations …

You’ve just discovered the world’s first Moscow Mule delivery service.

My name is Jordan Hansen, Inventor of the MuleMaker Craft Cocktail Kit and Publisher of the Monthly Mule … just a fair warning, what you’re about to read may have you very, VERY, excited…

I talk to Moscow Mule enthusiasts everyday and I hear the same thing over and over … I NEED MORE PREMIUM GINGER BEER!

As a Moscow Mule drinker, I’m sure you can agree … so I spent the last few months finding a way to eliminate the middleman (AKA retail and liquor stores) and

I created a solution to the problem(s)

Let’s take a look at the problems facing most Moscow Mule drinkers today and your options…

  • Your local supermarket (or liquor store) doesn't have ginger beer … and you are ticked-off because you made a trip there for that reason...
  • Your local supermarket doesn't have the ginger beer you want and you have to settle for sub-par Moscow Mules as a result...
  • You are paying out the nose for ginger beer… and you know it!

So … I created a totally new concept for Moscow Mule lovers like you. This approach gives you the best of both worlds – organic, ultra-premium ginger beer and bitters for LESS than what you pay at the store … and it’s …


Free delivery

Are you ready for the world’s first Moscow Mule delivery service?

NOW—for the first time ever, you can get amazing ginger beer, fascinating new recipes, and the best bitters money can buy delivered to your doorstep—for LESS than you pay at the store—with your “Monthly Mule” membership…

Every month you’ll be delighted with a package from FedEx that includes:

Free delivery

1 Liter of Organic, Handcrafted,
Top Hat Ginger Beer Craft Concentrate

that is makes 33 premium ginger beers – just add club soda! This high-quality ginger beer craft concentrate is the child of nationally renown mixologist, Shane McKnight’s five years striving for perfection… now you’ll have the flexibility to make your mules with more (or less) spice and taste to suit your preference

One Ounce of Bittercube’s Hand
Made Bitters Blended Perfectly

for Each Month’s New Mule Recipes. Bittercube showcases six different hand made bitters flavors — each month you’ll enjoy a new flavor with new mouth-watering recipes. Bittercube’s award-winning bitters have been featured on Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, Playboy, Imbibe Magazine, Timeout, Chicago Tribune, and the New York Times

Brand New Mule Recipes from Top-
Rated Mixologists Every Month

at Bittercube and Top Hat. Your recipes, Top Hat Ginger Beer Craft Concentrate, and Bittercube Bitters arrives with a five different recipe ideas that are easy and fun to make every month…

You have to admit … this sounds like a Moscow Mule lovers dream come true … Now let me give you …

5 Reasons Members Love the Monthly Mule

  1. Save money … with this new partnership we cut out the retail markups and pass the savings to our members … subscribers report saving about $20 every month …
  2. Better quality … Top Hat Ginger Beer and Bittercube bitters are voted hands-down superior to what you can find in retail chains and liquor stores.
  3. Convenience of being delivered to your doorstep the first week of every month. No more searching for ginger beer, bitters, or recipes… they come to you!
  4. More fun … members of the Monthly Mule love the new recipe ideas and say they are “perfect for entertaining”, “nice to change it up”, and “fun to try!”
  5. Awesome drinks … the beauty of the ginger concentrate is that you get to decide how much spice or sweetness you want … so you can make perfect drinks everytime!

By now you must be wondering…

“What does the Monthly Mule Cost?”

Think about the cost of ginger beer at the store. It can cost you from $2-3 per bottle on up if you are at a liquor store. Then think about the cost of bitters … just the plain kind costs around $12 per bottle.

In a months time you probably spend at least $60 per month on ginger beer and bitters alone if you’re drinking Moscow Mules very often … plus your gas, time, and frustration …

The Monthly Mule is available to you for just $59.95 $49.95/month. In case you’re counting, that’s just $12.89 per week … LESS THAN WHAT YOU PAY FOR A COUPLE MOSCOW MULES at the bar.

This gives you 33 ginger beers, a months worth of bitters, and new recipes delivered right to your doorstep… when you look at all the benefits; your ginger beer alone more than pays for your membership.

I conservatively estimate you’ll save at least $200 a year.

But most importantly, you’ll enjoy convenience, get higher quality ingredients than you can find in the store, and have more fun making new recipes with your friends.

You Must be Signed Up Before the 1st of the Month!

As you can imagine, we cannot just ship all these orders out sporadically… so we ship all Monthly Mule members their ginger beer, bitters, and new recipes on the first of each month.

If you’re not signed up before the 1st of the month, you will miss out and have to wait an entire month before you can take advantage of the savings, top-quality ingredients, and amazing recipes.

So it’s VITAL to sign up now. or click the button below.

The Next 200 New Members Get This


For joining the Monthly Mule today, I’ve got an exclusive bonus gift for you … to make membership even more of a bargain...

  • 100% PURE COPPER. No steel, nickel, or cheap metal liners...
  • Large 16 ounce mug with large handle
  • “Lacquer outer coating that keeps your copper mug bright and shiny...
  • Handcrafted to perfection for the Moscow Mule Enthiusiast...

($37 VALUE)

Now Let’s Hear From Moscow Mule Enthusiasts Who Have Signed Up For The Monthly Mule...

You Must Absolutely Love The Monthly Mule Or
Cancel Anytime And Don’t Pay Another Cent


That’s right. You must love the Monthly Mule. You’ll be very, VERY, excited about all the money you save, sheer convenience, unparalleled quality of the ginger beer, bitters, and recipes or you can cancel anytime.

And if you don’t love it, I honestly want you to contact me immediately. Just email customercare@mulemaker.com or call 1-330-828-MULE and you won’t pay another cent.

And you keep the 100% Pure Copper Mug as a “thank you” for trying the Monthly Mule. So there’s absolutely NO risk: if you don’t like it, you cancel and keep the copper mug that’s worth the cost of your first month by itself.

The Choice is Yours
"Pay MORE for Low Quality ...
Or Pay LESS for “Top Shelf” Delivered…

Right now you have a simple decision to make. You can do nothing, continue paying w-a-a-a-a-y-y-y too much for low-quality ginger beer and bitters at the store, and never discover these amazing drink recipes every month.


You can give the Monthly Mule a “shot” and pay less for superior quality and unrivaled convenience.

So let me recap … as a member of the Monthly Mule you will get delivered:

  • One Liter of Organic Top Hat Ginger Craft Concentrate that makes 33 ginger beers every month
  • One ounce of Bittercube Bitters that is flavored specifically for each month’s specialty recipes … plenty to make a month’s worth of Mules!
  • Fresh new mule recipe ideas with all the ingredients you need. Use to impress your guests, win new friends, and make next weekend MORE EXCITING!

One more thing … you MUST sign up for the Monthly Mule before the end of the month … or else you’ll miss out on your delivery and have to wait an entire month before you start enjoying all the benefits of the Monthly Mule.  or click the button below.


Remember: Just for giving the Monthly Mule a “shot” you’re getting a 100% pure copper collector’s edition mug that retails for $37.00… FOR FREE … so you simply cannot lose.

DON’T WAIT: as our copper mug supplies are running low, we reserve the right to pull the free copper mug sign up gift at any time. So…

Join the Monthly Mule today!

You’ll never look back.